Our Company is aware of how daunting it is when making such a huge commitment. This is why we are here to make things run as smoothly and straight forward as possible.

To help us assist YOU we need to make you aware of everything involved in purchasing anything from Land to Properties in Paphos, Cyprus.

Purchase of land and property in Cyprus is a standard procedure.

The South of the Island has one of the most efficient Land Registries in Europe. The Cyprus Land Registry is based on U.K. code and practise. All procedures for the purchase of land or property follow a standard practice.   

A reservation fee will be accepted to secure a desired property for up to a month while your lawyer proceeds with the Search. This can be completed within a few days. If any discrepancies are found the reservation fee will be refunded in full.

The Company carries out a private search before any acquisition is viewed by our clients to ensure a successful purchase and to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

Once this criterion has been satisfied a contract will be signed with a deposit and the contract will be filed at the Land Registry for Specific Performance.

Specific Performance is a legal instrument provided to protect your deposit and ownership rights until the title deed is issued and transferred to your name. Once your contract is filed at the Land registry it cannot be sold, leased, mortgaged or withdrawn without your authorisation.  The Title Deed will be issued on to your name as soon as the final payment is completed. This whole procedure can be done in a day!


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PURCHASE GUIDE: The one off costs you need to be aware of during purchasing of both Land and Properties in Cyprus.

  Transfer fees for title deeds and specific performance    
  Stamp Duty    
  Immovable Property Tax    
  Annual Costs    
  Capital Gains Tax    
  Legal Fees    



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