Earth where life begins has invested in and around Paphos’  most demanding locations, including, The Expanding International Airport, the eagerly anticipated Marina, around the New Paphos to Polis Highway, The Sea Caves, Coral Bay and St George Island, The golf courses and stretching to areas like Polis, Latchi, Neo Chorio, Pomos and more.

If you are searching for absolute isolation, breathtaking scenery and proximity to undisturbed natural beauty, you are just one step away from your dream….

The Company has large agricultural development land for you to have all the space you could possibly desire to build the home you have always dreamt of, bringing your dreams to life.

With our precise knowledge of all future devolpment in our invested locations you are sure to choose an environment that will remain unspoilt for your life style and future generations......

Send Earth where life begins your criterion and allow us to indulge you...

CLICK HERE to see these locations in detail or if you require something specific fill out our CONTACT FORM and we will forward a selection of ideal locations that suite all your criteria.

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