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LAND TO BUILD YOUR HOME  'create a lifestyle'

At Earth Where Life Begins we dedicate our time and effort to designing and building your customised Home on a well chosen plot of land, ensuring all the prerequisites are in place for development and construction. 

Earth Where Life Begins gives you the opportunity to  choose plots of land  with unlimited space to personally customise your Home and Landscape.

Our Company gives you the choice to have as much space as necessary to reach out and create your own World. The projects are as varied and as expansive as your imagination and desire.

At Earth Where Life Begins you save 15% VAT on all land purchases and 8% on transfer fees on all future development. You receive a title deed immediately on land purchases, giving you the invaluable security of complete ownership. One would agree this is the safest proceedure for a lifelong commitment. This is our trademark guarantee to you.

If your budget is limited then we offer you the flexibility to develop your project over the period of time that suits your needs. We assist you in all financial matters required to get your project started and completed efficiently.

The Company gives you the option to use  our In-House services for the development and construction of your Customised Home. (See 'Building Beautiful Homes').

As soon as you purchase the Land you will work closely with the companies architect and engineer to design your dream project.  With careful guidance you will slowly see your idea develop stage by stage.

The company will oversee the planning stages until approval. We then begin to construct your vision as you sit back and watch it evolve within a small time frame…… By using the in-house services you have the convenience of a single efficient service, saving yourself time and money!!

Buying land to build your home is probably the best and most important investment you will ever make.  As soon as land is secured and transferred to you, it will continue to increase in value at a rate of 15% to 30% in the first year, depending on location.  It will further peak on the approval of planning and building permission. It will continue to grow at a standard predicted rate of 8% to 15% per annum thereafter. (Performance of land taken from developing agricultural and building plots 2004 - 2008).

By securing a contract for construction, you also insure a construction price at today's market value. By the time your home is built inflation will ensure you will be sitting on a significant profit having avoided elevating land prices and construction costs. So what are you waiting for!

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