As a developing country, Cyprus has great opportunity for new Business ideas. Buying a business in Cyprus is either leasehold or freehold and both can be extremely expensive due to high premiums and rents.
The Company has seen a niche in the market where purchasing the land and setting up your business is cheaper and offers huge potential for investment.  As the freeholder you can build a successful business that will eventually yield a profit exceeding the initial cost of the land!!

In such cases where you have ownership of the land you are both the freeholder and leaseholder of any subsequent development. In the future you may sale the lease of your business for a comfortable profit (exceeding your initial investment)and continue collecting annual rents. The options and investment potential of land ownership are undoubtedly enormous. 

Of course you also have the benefits of creating and building your business from the very beginning, a fresh start for a growing and successful reputation.

The company will insure you choose the appropriate site for the corresponding business whatever it may be.  We will design your project to adhere to all Local and European Regulations to ensure planning and building permission and ultimately the approval of  the licenses that  apply to the new business.
Earth Where Life begins will make your business aspirations materialise with your input and our expertise in the field of business development. The great thing about our Company is we provide all the conveniences necessary for land acquisition and property development under one roof. You can purchase Land and choose to develop it independently or alternatively use the in-house assistance. What could be more simple??

(If you would like to know more about land to build your business please fill out the contact form in full and we will be happy to send you more details.)

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