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You may have heard ‘Buy Land, they are not making any more of it!’ and that could not be more true than on a small Island like Cyprus.

Although ‘MAKING MONEY’ is a closely guarded secret, you will not be required to sign the official secrets act to ensure accurate information. The Company will guarantee that all purchases made for investment are achieved at the lowest possible price. This ensures that a client has made money just by putting pen to paper.

With a limited amount of undeveloped land increasing in value at a rate of 8% to 50% a year, depending on location and the type of development plans which will be finalised, you know that your money will exceed rising inflation and give you a better and more secure return than most existing investments. 

With our expertise in acquisition, development and management of land, we will carry out the necessary applications to maximise the potential value of your property to exceed standard predicted growth and give you the maximum capital growth potential.

For larger investors the greatest yield of profit is to subdivide and develop.  This is a procedure where the parts sell for alot more then the whole.  With the company's expert knowledge of subdivision of land in developing areas, maximising profits is completely risk free and guaranteed.  Past performances after development and subdivision have shown increase in initial capital of up to three hundred percent (300%) in the first eighteen months and 8% to 15% per annum thereafter.  (Performance of land taken from land subdivision 2004- 2008).

This will include the successful application and approval of planning permission and building permits. Even if all you want is to build a home or business you can be assured at Earth where life begins your in safe and capable hands.

Buying land and developing is probably the safest investment one will ever make.  As soon as land is secured and transferred to you, it will continue to increase in value at a rate of 15% to 30% percent in the first year depending on location. It will further peak on the approval of planning and building permission and the type of development plans that are finalised.  It will continue to grow at a standard predicted rate of 8% to 15% per annum thereafter. (Performance of land taken from developing agricultural and building plots 2004- 2008).

With the Company providing the development procedures for planning approval our investor is now ready to sell the acquisition with the approved plans and licenses ready for construction.

What has started as an undeveloped piece of land is now marketable with a construction permit, maximising its value to the greatest potential.  The investor now has the option to hold onto the investment, sell the land with the permit or build a turn key property ready for sell.

By securing a contract for construction, you also insure a construction price at today's market value. By the time your home is built inflation will ensure you will be sitting on a significant profit having avoided elevating land prices and construction costs.

If you are interested in buying a New or Off Plan Project solely for investment, then this is a popular investment choice known as Buy to Sell.  This is a simple method of buying a property off plan with intention to sell when the project is completed or near completion.

This can also be done by purchasing an individual plot and providing all the development permits ready for construction. You can begin initial construction and sell the project at any stage. That simple.

The company offers expert advice on the process of buying to sell and offers all the services from selection of a plausible site, supervision of construction and selling the property.  All one has to do is provide the capital and we do all the rest!

(If you would like to know more about any of these investment strategies please fill out the contact form in full and we will be happy to send you more details.)

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