We at Earth where life begins, believe the property market will continue to grow, especially now that Cyprus has become a member of the European Union and joined the Single European Currency in January 2008. This has undoubtedly opened new doors for growth in all areas of development.
The Company is continually scrutinising growth in concerning influential sectors.  Government and corporate plans are continuously expanding the country both politically and economically. The extensive investment in upgrading the countries infrastructure, Commercial and Business foundation, including popularity for relocation has led the Company to conclude that Cyprus is just at the beginning of its Capital Growth. But as Cyprus grows real estate and living costs are still comparatively cheaper than all other Mediterranean and European destinations.

Our goal as a Company is to constantly re-assess the market, eliminate the risks, capitalise on new opportunities and consequently passing these benefits to our clients.

The company will offer impartial and professional advice to all existing and perspective clients on a one to one basis. This includes consultation on the buying, selling and management of land and property. All investment concepts will be examined and the capital growth analysed by the company.

The Company Director will personally collaborate with clients on all land investments and development. All Business ventures will be Freehold and secured by Title Deed, giving our clients the security they demand.

Updates on your investment and any future investment opportunities will be evaluated and documented on a monthly basis. This means 'YOU' can instruct and be advised on the best strategy to improve and expand your 'Private Portfolio'.

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