Earth Where Life Begins  is concerned in preserving our beautiful environment.  This is why we have moved away from the 'Town Plan' and invested in areas of natural beauty. 

Here we intend to set an example of how one can construct but still be aware of the changes you bring to an environment, thus bringing positive change by enhancing the natural habitat, without disrupting the balance.  In this way one can have all the comforts expected from a modern home but with limited damage to the surroundings which is as much to 'Our' benefit as it is to the eco-system. 

We construct using clean, safe and eco-sympathetic construction methods and all natural material.  All our properties are built quickly to avoid disruption, to high specification and finishing, energy efficient and using the most eco-friendly system available in the Western hemisphere. 

Our technique of building is way ahead of anything available in the Cypriot market and already exceeds all European building regulations required by 2012.  This is backed by scientific research available to you on independent websites.

We would like to think we are building for the future and welcome those to follow our lead.  Welcome to a new era of high-tec, high quality homes built to last indefinitely, in constant harmony with Nature.

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