Are you dreaming of a fresh start? Does Cyprus have what it takes to leave it all behind and begin a new life and career or consolidate your existing lifestyle?

For those of us who have been to Paphos, Cyprus, this question is academic. But there are still many things to consider.

Paphos is the place to be! Just along the West Coast, Paphos is expanding rapidly due to its popularity as a Mediterranean hot spot both for tourism, settlers and retirees. It is fact the fastest growing area on the island.

Paphos boasts a wealth of culture, history and modern day living standards that has attracted visitors from all over world. From the exquisite beaches to the traditional villages all set on one of natures most beautiful Islands.

Paphos stretches from the expanding International Airport and incorporates an abundance of facilities around its town centre, just like any modern day city.   However just a small drive and you enter the traditional Cyprus, stretching into Polis and the Akamas Peninsula, where one can find secluded beaches, national forestry and the most breathtaking scenery the Island has to offer. One may stop off at a number of villages where you will witness traditional architecture and folklore, as well as hospitality and fine cuisine. Take a boat trip to the turtle bay or a drive to the Baths of Adonis and stop at one of many taverns along the way and you will see why so many people fall in love with this magical part of the World.

The Cypriot community is renowned for its hospitality and friendliness towards their guests. You can always expect the warmest of welcomes and the kindest of farewells.

The Local culture is built around Traditional family values and the every Cypriot dreams of improving the family unit through high standards of Education and guidance for the future of the next generation.

With Cyprus accession into the European community in 2004, the Island enjoys all the benefits of its membership and has fast tracked into improving infrastructure and encouraging higher standards of facilities, such as airports, schools and clinics. Leisure has been inspired to include golf courses, marinas and plans for Casinos. Safeguards have included higher standards of development and reserving areas of natural beauty such as the Akamas Peninsula and The Troodos mountain range.

Although there may be other places to consider Cyprus is top of the list as one of the least expensive areas to buy property, live and work and offers many benefits to expatriates.

English is spoken throughout the country leaving no language barriers.

You are safeguarded through a Legal, Banking and traffic system that is based on British practice. Together with a high standard of local education and International schooling, employment, double taxation treaties, pension benefits and local government subsidies to all EU residents, there is every reason to relocate.

If you are a family wishing to relocate or an entrepreneur looking for new business ventures, Cyprus has everything you need.

The perfect home, safe family environment, schools and colleges, entertainment and leisure, sports and outdoor activity, employment and business opportunity, investment, retirement benefits, tax benefits, medical facilities, low crime, perfect weather conditions and an island with proximity to three continents! Its all here waiting to be discovered………

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