Established in 2002 Earth Where Life Begins specialises in the Acquisition of Freehold Cyprus Land to build your Home, Business or Investment Portfolio.

All company profits goes towards research and wildlife preservation for the security of our future generations.

Earth Where Life Begins issues Title Deeds immediately to give you the security you demand. We save you 15% VAT on all Cyprus Land purchases and 8% Transfer fees on all future development. This is our trademark guarantee to you.

The Company purchases Cyprus Land and Property directly from the private sector to avoid elevated prices and commission fees,  therefore sharing the benefits with our clients and investors. 
We give you the opportunity to purchase as much land as you require without any obligations to a developer or time schedules. You are completely free to own the land and develop at your own pace and convenience.

All our Land and Plots have undergone a thorough search at the Land Registry and Planning Authorities to ensure preparation for your acquisition and development. This search guarantees that the prerequisites are carried out in preparation for your Lawyers approval.

Earth Where Life Begins are proud to provide Management and Development to assist you in the progress of your venture at any level, from Start to Finish. This includes Land Surveys, Engineering Evaluation, Architectural Design, Approval of Planning and Building Permits, Forming Natural Landscapes and Construction to provide a Turn Key Property or Business.

The Company builds homes using the Latest Technology in Eco-friendly Construction, incorporating Energy Efficiency and Environmental Awareness with Sheer Luxury and Design (See Building Beautifully Taylored Homes).

All our Projects are by their nature completely unique, characterised by naturally formed Landscapes with appropriately designed homes. Each project is customised to your standard of satisfaction and constructed at your pace and convenience.

The Company has a small selection of fine Resale Homes, Exclusive New Projects and Commercial Business ventures, so take time to explore our World of Property. 

You can see more of our  Cyprus Land portfolio on
With a wealth of knowledge in Business and Development in Paphos, Earth Where Life Begins can help you every step of the way in establishing a secure and successful lifestyle.

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There could not be a better time to purchase land for investment or to build your home in Cyprus.

Buying land means that you obtain a Title Deed immediately and the land is Freehold.

Think about it for a moment…….. In a lifetime how much does one spend on luxury items, entertainment, holidays, tobacco, alcohol and parties? And what do you have to show for it?

For as little €65,000 one can invest in a private plot of land of over 2,500sqm, with all the services available, walking distance from amenities, ready to build your dream home, surrounded by natural beauty, serenity and pure country air… More priceless than a diamond? Like a diamond this land will be yours for generations to come secured by a Title Deed.  But unlike a diamond, you can build your home on it, plant your orchard, grow your own vegetables, keep your pets or livestock and entertain your friends and family.

The benefits of buying land do not finish here.  When purchasing land to build your home ‘You’ the Land owner are in full control of your project.  You save money by avoiding VAT on the land purchase and Transfer Fees on the construction.  And do not forget you do not have to wait indefinitely for your Title Deeds as this step has been secured by the land purchase.  Once your home is built you simply upgrade the Title Deed to include your home.

On a project of €300,000, where the land will cost €100,000 and the construction €200,000 one would save €15,000 on VAT from the land sale and €16,000 on Transfer Fees by building the house independently.

When looking at the scenario in reverse, buying a development of €300,000 means that you have paid the VAT on the whole project (giving you less property for your money).  And when you finally get your Title Deed (at least 3 years) you will have to pay additional Transfer Fees (€20,000) on the contractual price (€300,000) of the development.

As an investment, land in Cyprus has performed above inflation since 2003 at a rate of 14% to 30% PLUS per annum depending on location and size of the investment.

Once a permit as been approved by the town planners the plot becomes more desirable and increases in value.  Due to planning Department efficiency in Cyprus, a planning permit will take 3 to 6 months.  By careful planning i.e. licenses for borehole, perimeter fence, swimming pool, basement, assisted building or business and so on, one can maximize the value of the project and the value of the land it is sitting on.

Land is priceless and on the small Island of Cyprus where development land is limited where could there be a safer and more privileged place to invest your money?


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